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Dr. Bojan Petrovic (Bojan.Petrovic@gatech.edu)
Research Interests: Reactor physics, advanced reactors design, nuclear fuel cycle and waste management, modeling and simulations of nuclear systems, industrial and medical applications of nuclear technology.

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1995

M.S., Pennsylvania State University, 1987

B.S., University of Zagreb, Croatia, 1979

Bojan Petrovic joined Georgia Tech in 2007 as a Professor. Prior to that he acquired industrial experience as a Fellow Scientist in Westinghouse Science and Technology where his primary responsibility was as the project Deputy Director on the development of the advanced, modular IRIS reactor.

Ph.D. Students M.S. Students Alumni

Cal Abel (crabel@gatech.edu)
Research Interests: energy storage, reactor kinetics, power conversion systems, cogeneration, synthetic fuel production, economics, policy, finance

PhD Student (Fall 2010-Present)
Integrating Thermal Energy Storage and Nuclear Reactors: A Technical and Policy Study

M.S. Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1999

B.S. Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1999

Fellow, Sam Nunn Security Program

Abiodun Adeniyi (aadeniyi3@gatech.edu)
Research Interests: Advanced Energy Systems Design, Systems Reliability Analysis, Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Nuclear Material Accounting & Tracking, Nuclear Safeguard & Non Proliferation Modeling, Human Factor Engineering.

Ph.D. candidate(Fall 2010-present)
Scenario Studies of Nuclear Fuel Cycles to Improve Nuclear Waste Management

M.S. Nuclear and Radiological Engineering - Georgia Tech, 2013
Impact of Separation Capacity on Transition to Advanced Fuel Cycles

M.S. Systems Engineering - SPSU, 2007

M.S. Mechanical Engineering - UI Nigeria, 2002

B.S. Mechanical Engineering - LASU Nigeria, 1998

Research Aide Appointee at Argonne National Laboratory, 2011

Certificate in NDA Application for International Safeguards ORNL March 2011

Certificate in QA / QC in NPP, SPSU 2010

Certificate in NPP Construction and Startup, SPSU 2009

ASS Degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology, 2007

Lloyd Michael Huang (lhuang3@mail.gatech.edu)
Research Interests: Reactor Physics, Thorium Fuel Design, Fuel Cycle Analysis.

Ph.D. candidate(Fall 2010-present)
Recycling Thorium spent fuel in a LWR intermediate cycle to analyze waste reducing performance.

M.S. in Nuclear Engineering - Georgia Tech, 2013
Analysis of multi-recycle thorium fuel cycles in comparison with once-through fuel cycles

B.S. in Nuclear Engineering - Georgia Tech, 2010

Summer Internship at Argonne National Laboratory, 2011
Worked on developing a LWR equilibrium cycle tool for fuel cycle analysis.

Timothy Flaspoehler (timothy.flaspoehler@gatech.edu)
Research Interests: radiation shielding, hybrid transport methods, parallel computing, reactor dosimetry, damage characterization

Ph.D. candidate(Fall 2012-present)
Optimizing Performance of Hybrid Transport for Shielding Applications

M.S. in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering - Georgia Tech, 2012
Investigation of FW-CADIS Variance Reduction Methodology for Shielding Analyses of a VHTR

B.S. in Nuclear Engineering - Georgia Tech, 2010

Summer Intern at ORNL - 2009, 2010

Pietro Avigni (pavigni3@mail.gatech.edu)
Research Interests: Reactor Physics, Thermal Hydraulic Modeling of Molten Salt Reactors

M.S. student at Politecnico di Milano(Fall 2010, present)
Thermal Hydraulic modeling of the AHTR

B.S. in Physics Engineering - Politecnico di Milano, 2010

David Koch (dkoch3@gatech.edu)
Research Interests: Depletion, Fuel Burnup

M.S. student (Fall 2010-present)
Developing Burnup Capabilities for Response Matrix Methodology in COMET

B.S. in Nuclear Engineering - Georgia Tech, 2010

Spenser Lewis (slewis21690@gatech.edu)
Research Interests: Liquid Salt Cooled Reactors, Neutronics, Modeling and Simulation

M.S. student (Summer 2012-present)
Parametric Study of Neutronics and Fuel Design of the Liquid Salt Cooled Reactor

B.S. in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering - Georgia Tech, May 2012

Summer Intern at SRS - 2009, 2010, 2011

Giovanni Maronati (gmaronati@me.gatech.edu)
Research Interests: Power Conversion Systems design, Thermal Hydraulic of Light Water Reactors, Heat Transfer

M.S. Student at Politecnico di Milano (Fall 2011 - present)
Evaluation of options for the I2S-LWR Decay Heat Removal System

B.S. in Energy Engineering - Politecnico di Milano, 2011

Benjamin Colin Bowers - M.S. Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, 2012

Emilien Gros - M.S. Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, 2012
Liquid-Salt-Cooled Reactor start-up with natural circulation under Loss-of-Offsite-Power (LOOP) conditions

David Hartmangruber - M.S. Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, 2009
Using MAVRIC sequence to determine dose rate to accessible areas of the IRIS nuclear power plant

Jordan McKillop - M.S. Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, 2010
Reducing the activation of the IRIS reactor building using the SCALE/MAVRIC methodology

Vito Memoli (visting researcher)

Jeff Ryckman - M.S. Medical Physics, 2011
Using MCNPX to calculate primary and secondary dose in proton therapy

Bo Shi - Ph.D., 2012
Development and implementation of convergence diagnostics and acceleration methodologies in Monte Carlo criticality simulations
M.S. Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, 2010
Entropy-based diagnostics of criticality Monte Carlo simulation and higher eigenmode acceleration methodology

Timothy Wyant - M.S. Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, 2012
Numerical study of error propagation in Monte Carlo depletion simulations


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