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Our activities in nuclear engineering science and technology encompass fundamental research as well as applications. R&D is performed in transport theory methods (Monte Carlo and deterministic, for criticality and shielding applications), reactor physics, reactors design, fuel and waste management optimization, and computational medical physics.

Main research areas and topics of current interest include:

Modeling and Simulations of Nuclear Systems

  • Hybrid methods/methodologies for shielding analyses and their applications
  • Source convergence acceleration and robust diagnostics for Monte Carlo eigenvalue simulations
  • Monte Carlo in core physics and fuel depletion analysis
  • Full scale 3D benchmarks
  • Radiation dose assessment in LWR and VHTR

Sustainable Nuclear Power and Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  • Expanding the role of nuclear power to non-electricity applications
  • Fuel cycle scenario studies
  • Requirements-driven approach to fuel/waste management
  • Role of thorium-bearing fuel in long-term radiotoxicity reduction
  • Core design and performance evaluation with advanced fuel forms (nitride, hydride, MOX, thorium-bearing, etc.)

Advanced Reactor Design

  • Designs promoting sustainable nuclear power
  • Advanced small integral PWR, IRIS
  • Advanced thermal systems

Applications of Nuclear Technology (industrial, detection, security)

  • Non-destructive assay
  • Detection of concealed materials

Computational Medical Physics

  • Assessment of primary and secondary dose in proton therapy
  • Shielding analysis and optimization of medical radiation facilities
Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
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